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We believe in investing in future young professionals and equipping them with the knowledge and experience to confidently step into their future career. In association with the local polytechnic and university, we offer students work experience opportunities in the areas of interest (such as accounting, management, human resources, marketing and law), in which they would like to have a future career. Our legal internships provide interns with an opportunity to further their knowledge and gain some hands-on experience of working within the legal sector and see how a bonafide law firm operates. Internship program participants are valued members of the Wesley Jones Law team and some have gone on to become employees of Wesley Jones Law.

Robin Park

2022 Legal Intern

Michael Pushenko

2022/2021 Legal Intern

Grace Hurring

2021 Legal Intern

Read More About Grace's Experience With Us

Dhanesh Verma

2019 Intern | Marketing Manager 2020-2021

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