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Hello I’m Katharine.

Here are my top four tips for first home buyers!

1. Know Your Budget!

    • Check out if you can get a first-home grant on the Karinga Ora website
    • Check out your KiwiSaver grant

With homes now more affordable, there are more homes under the price cap for the above grants; but at the same time, the income threshold has gone up! So more people can get between $3,000 and 10,000 each to buy their new home. It is free money people! Check out if you qualify!


2. Get A Building Report.

Unless you are a builder, it is always best to get a building inspection report done on a property before you buy, it is too easy for us; to see the nice decor and fall in love with a house, but in terms of reality when the roof leaks or the boiler blows it is not so nice.


3. Do A Pre-Settlement Check.

This is your opportunity to make sure everything is working and how you saw it when you put your offer in. I suggest you test all the sockets (Top tip:take a hair dryer to test the sockets!); lights; appliances; look for holes; tears; if the house isn’t empty carefully move things it makes sure nothing is being hidden ie check behind the couch if it is up against a wall as you never know there may be a gaping hole leading to your garden! Reminder: If the seller has turned off the electricity ask them to switch it back on!

If you are unhappy with anything it needs to be raised with the seller’s solicitor by 5pm the day before settlement so make sure you tell your solicitor!


4. Sort Insurance

Insurance is essential and is getting harder to get in some places, so make sure you can get insurance before you go unconditional on the finance condition.

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