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Grace’s Experience at Wesley Jones Law

“I have had a fantastic time interning at Wesley Jones Law during my final year at university. The internship has been a great first step in my legal career and the team at Wesley Jones Law have been amazing in facilitating this experience.

As a law student, entering the workforce can be very daunting. It is an entirely new experience where you realise that despite your years of study, there is a large part of the job that you are not taught about in the classroom. The team at Wesley Jones Law have made this transition as smooth as possible and have been incredibly supportive in fostering my education and confidence. Questions are encouraged, no matter how basic they may seem, and the open plan nature of the office means that there is a high-level of communication and insight.

At Wesley Jones Law you will be given the opportunity to work on real projects, for real clients. You are invited to be involved with any matters that interest you and try your hand at some real legal work. I had the opportunity to work on a whole range of different matters.

I consistently practiced my legal research skills, expanding on what I have learnt at uni and applying this to real issues to help out the solicitors. This involved looking into fairly niche areas of law and formulating coherent legal research to provide either to clients or the team. I was also able to put these skills to use and create a newsletter which was sent out to our clients regarding recent employment law changes. I practised drafting various legal documents including wills, EPAs, probate documents for the court and deed of lease renewals. I also had the opportunity to attend both internal meetings with the team, and meetings with clients.

I was heavily involved in undertaking a lease review for one of clients who owns commercial properties. It was a really interesting experience as I saw the project through from beginning to end. This involved collating numerous files, identifying actions that needed to be taken, contacting our client and the tenants, and drafting the subsequent lease renewals.

As Wesley Jones Law predominantly specialises in property, I gained a wealth of knowledge surrounding conveyancing. This has not only been beneficial for my professional development, it also has been really helpful as a young person hoping to get on the property ladder in the coming years. Wesley Jones Law is committed to providing you with this real life experience. In my time here, the team organised a lecture series where people from different industries came in each fortnight and gave a presentation about their relevant jobs. This included real estate agents, mortgage brokers and investment bankers and provided me with great insight about the different actors in property transactions.

The team were all truly committed to supporting me and my career development. Not only were they always available to give me practical career advice, they went over and above in supporting me through the graduate application season. Their mentorship and encouragement has been more than I could have hoped for. Experiencing the team’s excitement over my success made me feel like a sincerely valued member of the team. I could not recommend an internship at Wesley Jones Law enough.”

– Grace Hurring

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